Starting a bullet journal

The whole crazy frenzy about bullet journals died down last year I think, for most people anyway. I was always one to plan and organise and write lists and keep a diary. I remember in primary school we got these homework planners and we had to write down when that specific homework was due, or if we had a big test coming up. And I loved it, I kept one even in high school for a bit, and even after I still loved making lists and little notes for myself. When I moved to London I got myself a filofax which was great but after a year I grew out of the design on the front, and didn’t really enjoy the layout that much either. So I got planner after planner every year and I never enjoyed any of them much. In 2016 I got myself a Moleskin and I loved it from the moment I tore the wrapping off. But after a few months, weeks went by without me writing in it. It could have been because I wasnt busy enough or whatever. I also had a planner, the A5 I think it was, a ring one and I loved it at first but it was too big to carry around and the layout wasnt for me. I also had the I am very busy planned from and I’ve used it this year up until now, because I realised that if I didnt like the layouts maybe I should make my own planner. Thats how bullet journalling came into the picture, I knew what I wanted to create and I did. Well, I set up the weeks in August in 4 different ways because I wanted to try out which one suited my best of all.

I also done some research on which notebook shoould I get although it is a good idea to just use a notebook that you already have ( I have about 4 around the flat.. and I still got a new one) I went with the Rhodia Goalbook, and so far I’m loving it. I want to keep it quite minimal , just with some doodles. I have no monthly set ups, there’s a future log, goals and trackers and then straight into the weekly spreads. I will post pictures when I decide which spread I am going with.

I bought some zebra mildliners and some brushpens as well , and I already had some fine tip pens. I’m getting rid of my one because its just not for me, but I have a tiny Laura Ashley pocket planner and I’m keeping that for now.


July favourites

I know I just had the June favourites up, but because I didn’t actually post anything in July, I thought I start fresh in August and actually stick to one post a week at least.. so now that I have a week off from work ( sweet sweet lazy 10 days ) I can and will write and catch up with myself and my goals. Lets see

Favourite TV show definitely Good Girls. When I first read the blurb on it on Netflix I thought it was just a silly show but holy crap it was anything but. Its funny, thrilling, exciting and real. I actually had to turn it off and watch something else ( I always do this, especially watching The handmaids tale , my innocent soul needs cleansing after an episode or two) because it was just way too exciting and I couldn’t take the anxiety of it.

Beauty product , my saviour, The Body shops tea tree oil. I’ve been spottier than usual this month, so I had to put this back into my skincare routine. It really helps to reduce the redness and the size of my two extra growing heads on my forehead.

Book – wise I loved Lauren Graham’s Talking as fast as I can which I read after watching Gilmore Girls (again) I watched a couple of youtube videos , and they reminded me of how much I love this series and that I haven’t watched it this year yet.

My make up favourite was my red lipstick , which I started wearing again. I had a huge declutter in every aspects of my life and throwing out 6 lipsticks was hard but I never wore them and the colours didn’t suit me at all.

I also got myself a new pair of shoes. I wanted a pair of white shoes since the day my beloved old skool vans left me. Lets hope I can keep this one clean. I got special cleaning products just for that, and that’s how I know I’m getting old, I get excited about cleaning products.

And a random favourite : my new pens and highlighters for bullet journalling. I plan on writing a whole post about it this months, and how I started it all. I got myself everyone’s favourite mildliners and some brush pens to practice my calligraphy.

Oh the plans I had…

For this month I actually managed to put together an “editorial calendar” and wrote down stuff I wanted to blog about. But then my life had other plans. On the 4th of July just after sending my momma a bd text I sat down in the park to read for a bit before I had to work (picking up kids, I’m a nanny). I was going to write a post that day, about my mother, and how she is such an inspiration to me. As I was reading my book I noticed this man, who sat down a couple benches from me starring. I probably sat there for 40ish minutes before I was to leave, and he starred and watched me the whole time. I knew he was watching me, I could feel it on my skin. I had to walk past him when it was time to go, and thats when he started talking. Vile things really, and when I didn’t stop or looked at him he tried to grab my arm. So I ran.

I ran out of the park onto a busy road and called my boyfriend shaking because I never been that scared. Ever.

I really thought I was tougher than this, that in a situation like this I’d fight back or something but all I could do was run. I was so shaken up I had goosebumps on my arms and legs.

I obviously called the police, and they were honestly amazing, an officer came out to talk to me a couple days after. I wanted to report it so if anything weird happens there again, they have another case.

I’m not sure I can go back to the park and sit and read there anytime soon again.

I just wanted this post to explain the absence and why I’m super behind on everything and will be uploading posts slowly.

June favourites

June was a shit month for many reasons, but I still found some things that made it better.

Boots sheet mask : I think I mentioned it before that I do like face masks, and this was the first time I tried out a sheet mask. While I do look funny/scary when its on my face, this particular one is very moisturising. I tried a charcoal one too but liked the Super Hyaluronic better.

F&F earrings : I don’t remember the last time I shopped in Tesco for anything other than food. But saw these earring on instagram and I just had to get them. They are surprisingly good quality for the price I paid. Its originally 5 pounds but it was half price. They are quite heavy so probably couldn’t go a whole day wearing them.

UD Naked basics: G got them for me at the airport, and he calls me basic all the time anyway. The colours are exactly what I was after, and I can use them everyday.

Caught in the middle : Paramore is my favourite band anyway so obviously this song was my fave. They came out with a video for it , but I remember listening to it when AL first came out. It’s a real bop.

City of Bones : Not just this but the whole Mortal Instruments series was my favourite as I read them again in just one week. When I’m in a funk and need a pick me up movie I put City of Bones on, and it made me want to reread the books. And I only just realised that there are sequels to the books, so after next week’s Harry Potter Challenge I’ll be reading those.

Lion King : when you are hanging and just want to spend Saturday in bed, watch the Lion King. You can also make gush over your emotional bf when Mufasa dies. Am I too mean?

Tesco bag: theres a no plastic bag rule in our flat, and if someone buys them they gotta put 5 pounds in a jar and that money can be spent by the other. So obviously when we went shopping and I didn’t really fancy paying the fiver I got one of the reusable ones and OMG. It has a pun on it (Lets get carried away) and Im honestly so pleased with it.

I don’t know yet if I’m gonna do these favourites every months or maybe just when I feel like it but I like to share some good finds with my friends too so why not do it on the internet ?!

5 things I’ve learnt since moving in with my boyfriend

I was single for about 5-6 years I wanna say, or rather not want to… and I’ve been in a serious relationship for 10 and a half months now. I did notice that I changed in some ways, and definitely for the better. Living together didn’t feel like a big step in a sense that we already spent every possible moment together and it just made sense really. It’s been about 8 months so I wrote down 5 things I learnt since living with my boyfriend.

1. Boys like skin care as much as girls do. First it was just “trying out” my charcoal mask, now I go shopping with his skin-needs in mind. I also go through face scrubs and tea tree oil quicker, and thank God I always carry a lip balm with me for those chapped lips.

2. I actually like cooking. I was always a lazy cook, just chucking in a pan whatever was in the fridge, living off of cereal for a week or sandwiches. Now I like to make a proper dinner and sit down to eat it with G. I also make sure he has lunch the next day, and bought him a lunchbox with a little container for dressing and compartments for veggies. It also has a fork and a knife and its from Tiger. You are welcome.

He cooks too of course because we are equal in this relationship, which is important, and I don’t feel like I have to cook , I just somehow came to like it.

3. I am very clingy. This is a new thing for me because I used to love being alone and doing my own thing, but when G says he’s gonna sit in the living room and have his alone time I feel neglected. I like spending time with him even when we don’t do much, like when he is gaming and I read my book. Or he is watching wrestling ( it’s fake, people!!!!) and I just sleep cos it’s bloody 2 am on a Saturday and I am old.

4. You fight and make compromises and that’s how a relationship works. Sometimes it’s serious, other times he snaps at you because he is hangry and you just don’t think crunchy nut peanut butter is a cereal. You also have to be very honest and not bottle up things, and learn to say no when he asks if its okay if he plays rocket league for a bit when it’s already 22.30 and you want a snuggle. Not all the time obviously because you are not his keeper or boss.

5. I love being in love. I love being in a relationship and having to say that I found my special person. Being happy is a new feeling for me , and such a welcomed one as well. It’s been so good for my mental health to have someone with me. To wake up next to someone and think, yeah you are the one even if you drooled on my pillow. ( I’m joking he never drooled on my pillow)

I’m marrying the guy I met on Tinder

Almost 9 months ago I met G through Tinder. He invited me and my friend over for drinks and we spent the first two hours arguing. I’m not even exaggerating, he to this day tells me that all he could think about was “shut up or she’s gonna leave”. But I didn’t because finally there was someone who I could argue with and he wouldn’t just give up. Never in my life have I met someone, particularly guys, who wouldn’t be scared of a woman with an opinion. But G thought I was just myself , making valid points on why Brendon Urie is a god. And he agrees with me now!

It was love at first sight. Yes I know how corny that is, and how impossible I thought that was. But I found my person.

Two days after meeting him I met his mum. Two months later he came to Hungary with me. Three months and I moved in. Seven months later he came to Hungary again and proposed to me in front of my family.

We are getting married next summer on our anniversary and I couldn’t be happier. I’m in the middle of planning the wedding so there will be loads of posts on here about that as well.

I was single for almost 6 years before I met him. And I had to swipe left and right loads of times before I completed tinder. I know about the loads of different opinions on online dating and if someone would have told me this story I’d be sceptical too. And I’m not saying that everyone can find their special person on tinder because god, there are some dickheads on there, I just got lucky.

Simple Cooking

Just like my mother, I don’t like cooking. I’m lazy with it, I like eating but I hate waiting for the roasted potatoes to be ready and sometimes my pasta is a bit crunchy. But since I’ve been in a relationship I made more of an effort to cook and even bake stuff. Recently I’ve been told I even look like someone who bakes. #breevandecamp

The inspiration for this recipe that I’m about to share comes from Yotam Ottoleghi‘s cookbook called Plenty and I got the Hungarian edition from a dear friend for christmas a couple years ago. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 4 years now but lately I felt a bit lost so got this cookbook out. When I cook I don’t particularly measure stuff so this won’t be a 2.3 cups of sugar kinda recipe, more of a chuck all the spinach in there and see what happens.

What you need :

  • 1 courgette
  • 1 mozzarella
  • spinach (it shrinks in the pan so youll need more than you think)
  • Pasta
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and pepper

Cut up the courgette and fry it on some olive oil , each side for about 3 minutes. Cut up mozzarella into little pieces and in the pan that you fried your courgette mix it with the spinach. Cook the pasta and mix it all together.

Super quick ,easy and healty lunch.