what you can do for the environment

We have just under 12 years to stop this madness and save the planet. Because as sad as it is, it doesn't really matter for the older generation, but we still have a good 50 years to live (I'm 27) and just think about the next generation and our kids. So here are some things… Continue reading what you can do for the environment


self care tips

This year for me has really been about taking care of myself. I take my vitamins in the morning, started a new skin care routine, that I'm hoping will work and I am a bit more mindful about what I eat. I started a book club to meet likeminded people and read more books, other… Continue reading self care tips

Wedding planning – 1

A couple of years ago I really wanted to start my own business of wedding planning and while I do love the organizing and talking to vendors and such, there is one tiny problem with planning my own wedding. I didn't calculate the risk of family members knowing everything better than I do and wanting… Continue reading Wedding planning – 1

Not tolerated

Let me set the scene for you. Me, in my comfiest PJs watching Breaking Dawn Part 2, because all the Twilight movies are on Netflix now and I just couldn't help myself. G was in the bedroom hanging, our Saturday night seemed pretty perfect. Then I hear shouting. "I don't feel safe around you" "You… Continue reading Not tolerated

Starting a bullet journal

The whole crazy frenzy about bullet journals died down last year I think, for most people anyway. I was always one to plan and organise and write lists and keep a diary. I remember in primary school we got these homework planners and we had to write down when that specific homework was due, or… Continue reading Starting a bullet journal

July favourites

I know I just had the June favourites up, but because I didn't actually post anything in July, I thought I start fresh in August and actually stick to one post a week at least.. so now that I have a week off from work ( sweet sweet lazy 10 days ) I can and… Continue reading July favourites

Oh the plans I had…

For this month I actually managed to put together an "editorial calendar" and wrote down stuff I wanted to blog about. But then my life had other plans. On the 4th of July just after sending my momma a bd text I sat down in the park to read for a bit before I had… Continue reading Oh the plans I had…