5 things I’ve learnt since moving in with my boyfriend

I was single for about 5-6 years I wanna say, or rather not want to… and I’ve been in a serious relationship for 10 and a half months now. I did notice that I changed in some ways, and definitely for the better. Living together didn’t feel like a big step in a sense that we already spent every possible moment together and it just made sense really. It’s been about 8 months so I wrote down 5 things I learnt since living with my boyfriend.

1. Boys like skin care as much as girls do. First it was just “trying out” my charcoal mask, now I go shopping with his skin-needs in mind. I also go through face scrubs and tea tree oil quicker, and thank God I always carry a lip balm with me for those chapped lips.

2. I actually like cooking. I was always a lazy cook, just chucking in a pan whatever was in the fridge, living off of cereal for a week or sandwiches. Now I like to make a proper dinner and sit down to eat it with G. I also make sure he has lunch the next day, and bought him a lunchbox with a little container for dressing and compartments for veggies. It also has a fork and a knife and its from Tiger. You are welcome.

He cooks too of course because we are equal in this relationship, which is important, and I don’t feel like I have to cook , I just somehow came to like it.

3. I am very clingy. This is a new thing for me because I used to love being alone and doing my own thing, but when G says he’s gonna sit in the living room and have his alone time I feel neglected. I like spending time with him even when we don’t do much, like when he is gaming and I read my book. Or he is watching wrestling ( it’s fake, people!!!!) and I just sleep cos it’s bloody 2 am on a Saturday and I am old.

4. You fight and make compromises and that’s how a relationship works. Sometimes it’s serious, other times he snaps at you because he is hangry and you just don’t think crunchy nut peanut butter is a cereal. You also have to be very honest and not bottle up things, and learn to say no when he asks if its okay if he plays rocket league for a bit when it’s already 22.30 and you want a snuggle. Not all the time obviously because you are not his keeper or boss.

5. I love being in love. I love being in a relationship and having to say that I found my special person. Being happy is a new feeling for me , and such a welcomed one as well. It’s been so good for my mental health to have someone with me. To wake up next to someone and think, yeah you are the one even if you drooled on my pillow. ( I’m joking he never drooled on my pillow)


I’m marrying the guy I met on Tinder

Almost 9 months ago I met G through Tinder. He invited me and my friend over for drinks and we spent the first two hours arguing. I’m not even exaggerating, he to this day tells me that all he could think about was “shut up or she’s gonna leave”. But I didn’t because finally there was someone who I could argue with and he wouldn’t just give up. Never in my life have I met someone, particularly guys, who wouldn’t be scared of a woman with an opinion. But G thought I was just myself , making valid points on why Brendon Urie is a god. And he agrees with me now!

It was love at first sight. Yes I know how corny that is, and how impossible I thought that was. But I found my person.

Two days after meeting him I met his mum. Two months later he came to Hungary with me. Three months and I moved in. Seven months later he came to Hungary again and proposed to me in front of my family.

We are getting married next summer on our anniversary and I couldn’t be happier. I’m in the middle of planning the wedding so there will be loads of posts on here about that as well.

I was single for almost 6 years before I met him. And I had to swipe left and right loads of times before I completed tinder. I know about the loads of different opinions on online dating and if someone would have told me this story I’d be sceptical too. And I’m not saying that everyone can find their special person on tinder because god, there are some dickheads on there, I just got lucky.

Simple Cooking

Just like my mother, I don’t like cooking. I’m lazy with it, I like eating but I hate waiting for the roasted potatoes to be ready and sometimes my pasta is a bit crunchy. But since I’ve been in a relationship I made more of an effort to cook and even bake stuff. Recently I’ve been told I even look like someone who bakes. #breevandecamp

The inspiration for this recipe that I’m about to share comes from Yotam Ottoleghi‘s cookbook called Plenty and I got the Hungarian edition from a dear friend for christmas a couple years ago. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 4 years now but lately I felt a bit lost so got this cookbook out. When I cook I don’t particularly measure stuff so this won’t be a 2.3 cups of sugar kinda recipe, more of a chuck all the spinach in there and see what happens.

What you need :

  • 1 courgette
  • 1 mozzarella
  • spinach (it shrinks in the pan so youll need more than you think)
  • Pasta
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and pepper

Cut up the courgette and fry it on some olive oil , each side for about 3 minutes. Cut up mozzarella into little pieces and in the pan that you fried your courgette mix it with the spinach. Cook the pasta and mix it all together.

Super quick ,easy and healty lunch.

Quarterly Book Club #1

I’ve been doing the Goodreads reading challenge for two years but so far I’ve never finished it. Last year I got about 40 out of my goal of 52 so this year the goal is 52 again but I am already behind. I read 6 books so far and I also have a couple that I started but haven’t finished yet and I am so tempted to reread If I stay and the sequel but I can’t. Because this year I wanna read all the 52 books. So I though to keep track of them other than on Goodreads I’ll make a blog post every 3 months just to see what I’ve read and though about each book. I don’t write reviews on Goodreads I mostly just use it to keep track of books I want to read and read already. If you use the app you can scan books in bookshops or your friends house and you can put them on your list which is very handy I think.

January • February • March

1. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

I started reading Eleanor’s story last year but for some reason just couldn’t get into it properly. When I did manage to finish it I liked it. It reminds me of The Rosie Project a little bit which I loved ( sequel? not so much) . Eleanor has a dodgy past and she is a weird but lovable character, similar to Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory.

2. 3. 4. Just One Day , Just One Year, Just One Night

These were all rereads because I was going to Paris for Valentines day and wanted to read a book which takes place there. And I couldn’t just stop with the first one obviously. It’s a YA book, and I love YA books so much, not sure I’ll ever grow out of it, it’s a bit like Peter Pan who I actually don’t like. Weird.

5. Turtles All The Way Down

Typical John Green book. I was going to wait for the paperback edition but it was discounted on the Book Depository so I had to get it. I love John’s characters from Hazel to Margo no actually I didn’t like Margo she was a bitch but not the point. Turtles is such a lovely book about friendship, mystery and self awareness or lack thereof.

6. Attachments

How can you not love something that a person called Rainbow wrote? It’s a book that takes place just around 2000 so computers with internet and email are a new thing so a newspaper hires this guy to look through the emails to make sure no one sends inappropriate things to each other. He then falls in love with someone through reading her email. Creepy. Not gonna spoil it though, I liked it.

7. The Names They Gave Us

This is my current read and I just can’t seem to finish it. Not really captivating for me and its a bit slow and I don’t get excited to read another chapter as soon as I have time. I will finish it because this year is about finishing books and then I’ll edit this bit.


I was a very spotty teenager. And I had horrendous, painful acne well into my 20s too. It only just got better recently and that’s mostly because I went on the pill.

Back when I was fifteen and started getting spots I tried every high street cleanser, scrub, toner, mask whatever you can think of. Nothing really helped, and the fact that I started putting foundation on my already bad skin made things worse. I obviously had good days too but when I hit about 23 and still had to battle with big , red, painful acne it was getting me down. Like I still have spots, just now I have one that’s about the size of Mars on my chin, but I’m kind of okay with it. Obviously would like it to f off and I use tea tree oil to make sure it goes as fast as possible.

When you have rubbish skin you just want to hide from the world. I remember putting my scarf up as high as I could just so noone would see the red bumps under my jawline. And people can be such dicks about it. One of the most humiliating thing that ever happened was when I went out with some friends and on the way home we were sitting on a bus and this guy started chatting to us but we just could not be arsed and when I was getting off he asked if I had a disease that’s why my skin look the way it was. I never felt so ashamed in my life. It honestly still makes me tear up a little. I know how bad it was I used to sit in front of my mirror and looked at all the red marks and scars and just hate myself. And when they have great skin compared to yours, they think they can give advice. “Just wash your face with water” “Don’t put makeup on” Well darling if I wash my face with water that doesn’t get rid of anything and I’m still oily and shiny as a penny. As for not putting make up on, if I don’t do my makeup for a couple of days my skin kind of craves it, if that makes sense.

Looking back at pictures makes me appreciate what I have now. I still have the scars and I still get spots but I’m using natural, vegan, cruelty free products to keep them at bay and to maintain the way my skin looks now. But I am able to go to the shop without foundation and I feel confident in front of my boyfriend even if I’m not wearing makeup. I’ve been also getting compliments from friends and family on how my skin improved and that helps a lot with confidence as well.


Photography has always been a passion, hobby , dream of mine and two years ago I bought my first camera. I kept on telling people I wanted to buy one and then I finally had the money for it. Lately I’ve been neglecting my little Nici and it could be because I just hate editing pictures. I just never have the patience which is what I have to work on. Here are some of the first pictures I took back in 2016


My anxiety has been really kicking my butt this week, affecting my sleep big time and I also feel like I’m coming down with a cold. So I decided to pop in to Lush and get myself a bath bomb and use my completely free Saturday to take some time and relax. When I feel really jittery and anxious getting in the hot bath is like getting hugged, and with the candles and a book I can just soak for half an hour. That’s the most I can do sadly, longer than that feels forced. The hot water helps relaxing the muscles and you can forget about the outside world for a bit. I noticed that when I have a nice bath before going to bed, and a routine during the week, like getting my clothes out for the next day, putting my bag together and just going through a list of things I will have to do in the morning I feel more relaxed and I can sleep through the night. Which is really difficult for me and getting more than 6 hours is impossible, not just because I have to get up early, but because I also have a hard time actually falling asleep. It could take up to 2 hours at times, even if I feel absolutely exhausted. I tried many things, but if anyone has some helpful advice, leave me a comment. It’s time to make a hot coco and get in the bath as it’s getting dark outside. Gotta love November