My anxiety has been really kicking my butt this week, affecting my sleep big time and I also feel like I’m coming down with a cold. So I decided to pop in to Lush and get myself a bath bomb and use my completely free Saturday to take some time and relax. When I feel really jittery and anxious getting in the hot bath is like getting hugged, and with the candles and a book I can just soak for half an hour. That’s the most I can do sadly, longer than that feels forced. The hot water helps relaxing the muscles and you can forget about the outside world for a bit. I noticed that when I have a nice bath before going to bed, and a routine during the week, like getting my clothes out for the next day, putting my bag together and just going through a list of things I will have to do in the morning I feel more relaxed and I can sleep through the night. Which is really difficult for me and getting more than 6 hours is impossible, not just because I have to get up early, but because I also have a hard time actually falling asleep. It could take up to 2 hours at times, even if I feel absolutely exhausted. I tried many things, but if anyone has some helpful advice, leave me a comment. It’s time to make a hot coco and get in the bath as it’s getting dark outside. Gotta love November


5 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. This really isn’t anything astounding, but I find that counting sometimes helps me. No picturing sheep or anything, and nothing loud or quick — just slow, steady counting. If you hit 1,800 you know you’ve hit 30 minutes, and then maybe it’s time to move on to something else or switch sleeping positions. However, I’ve never been able to make it past 500. — J


      1. Oh, yeah… That story trick really doesn’t work. I once read somewhere that making up little stories could help you fall asleep. I guess because the task is meant to be tiring? Anyway, I ended up getting very involved with it, and spent over an hour making a short story start to finish… I never fell asleep. :/


  2. I hope you start feeling better soon. Been a rough week for me as well especially with insomnia. A few people said meditating before I go to bed. So I will be trying that. They said there are some quick meditation guides for sleeping on youtube to help you fall asleep. Always meditating during the day not before bed, so not sure how helpful it’ll be but they had great success with it.


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